ASW is a Clean Regattta

Please help us to continue to improve the sustainability of the event

Antigua Sailing Week has operated the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas programme for the past eight years. For 2022, we will continue to implement reusable cups at official venues – Antigua Yacht Club and Nelson’s Dockyard, also making them available to official bar and restaurant partners. These reusable and recyclable cups are aimed at reducing the amount of landfill waste produced by our attendees. Please help us by reusing throughout the week and keeping your cup with you.

Wednesday May 1st is more than just a fun day, but it’s also the start of both the Lobster and Chubb Fish Closed Season. We are requesting that all patrons do not eat this if its on offer from vendors and restaurants. It is illegal to serve right through until the end of June.

Environmental Checklist

Help us assist you to make this easy by committing to these seven initiatives.

Single Use Item Reduction: Purchase bulk water and use reusable containers when possible, bring your own water bottle for refills and a bamboo knife and fork for when eating at vendors booths.

Trash Free Regatta: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!  Help us as we strive for a trash free regatta:

Boat waste: Each marina will organize collection of refuse twice daily. Please ensure you separate your waste appropriately – BLACK bags for landfill, CLEAR bags for recycling.
Recycle:  Each boat will be provided with detailed instructions indicating the items that can be included.
Oil disposal: Appropriate oil disposal is available at Falmouth Harbour Marina and in Nelson’s Dockyard
Batteries: We can dispose of your lead acid batteries. We are not able to dispose of electronic batteries. Please switch to rechargeable batteries when you can.
Pedestrian waste: Please appropriately use the waste stations provided in and around the event.

No Discharge: Please follow national and international standards at all times.

Use Non-toxic Cleaning Products: Use nontoxic products such as white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Traditional products such as bleach are very detrimental to the marine environment with no added benefit!

Bottom Cleaning:  Please come with a clean bottom and limit bottom cleaning in marinas at all times.

Straws on Request: Please observe our straws on request policy and don’t request a straw.  You can help by refusing a straw in your drink or, if given one, please give it back to the bartender or server.  Don’t leave it on a bar or table where it can blow into the water.

Plastic: Always use your own re-usable shopping bags rather than plastics.  Plastic shopping bags are banned in Antigua and most shops now offer paper or re-usable options.  Please make use of them.